Why Are We Still Talking about Equality?

This one’s easy pickings, but it needs to be addressed. 

The fact that, in 2020, Congress has to revive the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that curbs institutional sexist discrimination is insane. The fact that enabling sexism is still more profitable to companies and American institutions in our neoliberal framework is intolerable.

We have nationally legalized gay marriage, but struggle to legalize equal treatment among sexes.

The House just approved a measure that removes the 1982 deadline imposed on the Equal Rights Amendment so that we can talk about treating people equally again.

Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), who sponsors the resolution, said:

”For survivors of sexual violence, pregnancy discrimination, unequal pay and more, the fight for equal justice under the law can’t wait any longer.”

So glad to hear meaningless platitudes and virtue signaling over equality in 2020. Why was this resolution not addressed and sitting dead at Congress’ doorstep for almost 50 years?

But Muh State’s Rights

Originally, the ERA was introduced in 1972 with the deadline extended to 1982, though it failed to achieve the support from three-fourths of the states. Last month, Virginia became the 38th state, the last one needed, to ratify the amendment even if it was almost 50 years too late.

That’s why the House is bringing up the issue again: because of the “processes of Democracy” that they love to tout around to pretend they’re better than everyone. Do we need demcoratic processes to do the right thing?

To be fair, this resolution passed 232-183 with all Democrats voting in favor with a few Republicans voting for it, too.

In opposition to the motion, Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) essentially said it’s not okay retcon history, stating:

“Congress does not have constitutional authority to retroactively revive a failed constitutional amendment. If you support the language of the 1972 ERA, you only have one constitutional option, and that’s to start the whole process over again and make your case to current voters nationwide.”

It’s incredible to hear a Republican try to pay lip service to the processes of democracy when something goes against their interests, yet break or completely ignore the rules to get their way when it’s convenient. It’s not even guaranteed to go to the Senate with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in charge, either.

Of course, with courts being stacked by conservative judges thanks to the fast tracking processes of Moscow Mitch and Trump, Collins knows that a new ERA movement could be less likely to succeed. He also probably knows that, if a new ERA were to fail, it would almost certainly blow up in the establishment’s face with the public blowback. Who knows what’s going through Collins’ head and who cares?

Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, the fact that women aren’t treated equally in our institutions because of “state’s rights” is outrageous. 

Do women deserve equal treatment? In the wise words of virtually everyone at some point in their life, “No s***, Sherlock.”

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