What’s going with Seattle’s Autonomous Zone

The Seattle Autonomous Zone, a six-block radius in Seattle that had been a contentious area for activists and Police, the area has now been declared free by left activists or or is currently dealing with an insurrection, according to conservatives. After a week of protests, many were met with tear gas, which was a manifestation of broken promises from the Police and Mayor of Seattle. The neighborhood is now void of authority with activists policing their own as they cobble together a community of arts, learning, and direct action. 


We’ve already seen the creation of very different contrasting narratives. One being that leftists, such as Anarchists and Communists, have taken over by armed force creating a perfect leftist utopia. Others claim that it is a bunch of young white people LARPing as revolutionists or the nefarious claim that America has given birth to a new ISIS. 


What’s Really Happening


The truth is that what’s happening in Seattle is evolving. The claims that these are mostly white LARPers purposefully are used to undermine the minority leftists who are involved in direct action, as is the claim of armed rebellion against the police. It should be noted the official response of the city was that the police willingly abandoned the precinct to de-escalate. There’s no proof that activists stormed in with guns blazing, as some on the fringe right would have you believe.


It’s difficult to find a pulse of what is happening. We have two factions drumming up support for their claims of the liberation of government authority from many on the left. Additionally, there are claims of leftist violence and domination by those who want to paint participants as a foreign army stomping on their way of life. 


The media exacerbates these falsehoods with its lack of coverage, forcing those not in Seattle to rely on information they are finding on the internet. The mainstream media also has no interest in touching this as well. It’s a double-edged sword, hence why MSM is opting out of even typing up a small article on it. 


The lack of general chaos makes the autonomous zone unappealing to the average journalist and the thought of leftist activists cobbling together a long-standing peaceful community is a threat to the current power structure. So, do not be surprised if all of this glossed over with all the moving pieces of the protests. 


We will continue to cover this and would love to hear from those living in Seattle or even participating in the zone. If you have any information or would like to tell us what is happening there, shoot me an e-mail at Berserkzz@protonmail.com or reach out on twitter @Srslyberserk.

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