The Capitalists Want You Back To Work ASAP

"Empty T1 train" by Czar Hey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Many Americans sit in their homes feeling restless during the COVID-19 outbreak. One group of people, in particular, seems to be on the verge of losing their minds. The American vulture capitalists who have watched the value of their portfolios take a hit find themselves realizing that the illusion of “job creators are more valuable than workers” is slowly crumbling before them. 

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed the truth. Without the common worker to prop it up, the economy can be easily disrupted,dispelling the idea that the term “job creator” means anything..

The Veneer Is Peeling Away

While the veil is being lifted and share prices drop, the rules for humanely dealing with COVID-19 are starting to be tossed to the wayside. The caricature of American Capitalism, President Donald Trump, is now panicking. The President’s net worth is beginning to slide as his hotels become vacant.His one selling point, the ability to create a strong economy for his re-election campaign, is becoming more of a pipe dream with each passing day. 

The president’s message is changing from encouraging social distancing and staying at home to, simply, “get ready to go back to work, Americans.”

The Tone Shift

The marching orders have now been given and fellow conservative ghouls are falling in line. Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and even Lt. Governor of Texas Dan Patrick , began making their justifications for sending the workers back to “create value”, even if their health is at risk. The Capitalists and the GOP machine are now more actively disregarding what all the scientists are saying: stay at home and flatten the infection curve. 

However, the health of American citizens matters less than the health of the economy to these ghouls. Dan Patrick made it clear when he said:

“What I’m living in fear of is what’s happening to this country… ‘Are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’ And if that’s the exchange I’m all in”

It’s safe to say that Dan Patrick’s grandchildren will be safe as it’s doubtful they are working the same jobs that are common to the general public. Grocery workers, who continue to stock shelves for insignificant wages, are almost assuredly beneath them. That doesn’t matter to people like Dan Patrick as long as the stock market remains healthy for the capitalists.

The Unfortunate Truth

The harsh reality is this: the Republicans and the capitalists of the country do not care about the plights of American workers on an average day, and that’s when the market is going great for them. How do you think they feel when the market isn’t going well? They are even less inclined to care because, while they are hiding in their mansions, penthouses in towers, or in their luxury bunkers, the average worker is putting themselves at risk for the sake of the stock market.

Capitalists are choosing to ignore the doctors who collectively think that staying at home is the best solution in stopping the spread. They think, by sending the healthy at work, the risk is minimal. And, maybe it is minimal to the average citizen. However, what if that person is exposed and goes home to a family member who is more vulnerable to COVID-19? What happens when every hospital bed in America is full of workers with ventilators with ten others waiting their turn to be saved?

We would like to think that this is merely short-sightedness from the people with wealth and power who aren’t thinking about these things. The truth lies somewhere between the risk-assessment charts and the profit-maximizing charts being deliberated upon by the moneyed class.

The unfortunate reality is they simply don’t care at all.

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