Tara Reade and Her Allegations Aren’t Going Away

It’s been a month since Joe Biden’s campaign was confronted with a sexual assault allegation, a story that was broken by The Intercept. We already covered the tactics that Democrats used to smear Biden’s victim Tara Reade. Now, another new story came to light that includes a video corroborating Reade’s claim. That’s only resulted in smear campaigns against her being turned up a notch.

The two main attacks that Biden supporters used to discredit Reade’s allegations have been “why did she just now come forward,” and that she’s a Russian asset. Specifically, Reade supposedly took her orders from Russian leader Vladimir Putin because of praises she previously tweeted.

Corroborating Tara’s Story 

The clip below is of Reade’s late mother, who she had mentioned her assault to calling in anonymously to Larry King Live in 93, where she makes mention of her choice to not take her story to the media to protect Biden.

KING: San Luis Obispo, California, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.

KING: In other words, she had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?

CALLER: That’s true.


The date of this call alone makes it harder for Biden supporters and surrogates to paint Reade as a pawn of Putin. 

Unless he played an incredibly long game, or somehow has a time machine readily available waiting for the right moment to squash a 78-year-old man from winning the presidency. That’s not to mention that Putin was in Saint Petersburg at the time and was hardly in the power position he currently holds to commit such an incredible feat. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some Biden and Establishment surrogates already working their mental gymnastic routines in trying to figure out how to link Putina nd Reade.

The Tara Reade story is only growing no matter how much Democrats want to dismiss it. Proof of that came from a recent segment on MSNBC. The popular Chris Hayes, who is usually lauded for by liberals for his reporting, found himself on the other end with #FireChrisHayes trending on Twitter after he dared to report on Tara Reade.

The harsh truth that the lines between Democrats and Republicans are becoming blurred. The MSNBC anchor has a job, by the way, to report the news, even if it is inconvenient for Biden. This entire situation is only solidifying Right’s narrative that we can’t trust the media for factual reporting and that (aside from FOX News) MSM is inherently biased towards the Democratic party.

It’s hard to fathom that the same people who once cheered the #MeToo Movement are so willing to toss away their ideals in favor of a candidate that is not only past his prime; he’s less progressive compared to 2016. But, who are we to tell them what hill to die on?

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