Super Tuesday: The Unholy Alliance Grows

Now that the dust stirred up from Super Tuesday is mostly settled, we can determine who won the polls.

Joe Biden.

The margin of victory over Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) isn’t insurmountable, though the media hype will make it seem so. Final votes are still being tallied, so the delegate allocation will change slightly. Currently, Biden has 467 while Sanders has 392, and the day started off with Sanders having fewer delegates.

It was expected to be a close race to begin with, and it still was, but it’s still disappointing to see that the establishment can revive a dead presidential bid with enough endorsements. 

The Democrat establishment abomination of a candidate stitched together from already-dead campaigns continues to grow. Michael Bloomberg has also thrown his support behind Biden after performing his little $500 million experiment, but not without leaving an impact on the electoral process. It’s clear that the only thing Democrats want is to preserve their “legacy” and hold onto their positions of power.

The only wildcard left in the race is Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). 

Warren accepted super PAC support after relentlessly attacking the idea of accepting dark money and acknowledging the corrupting influence of money in politics. Perhaps she thought she could make a deal with the devil and come out on top. Maybe she let her own ego get in the way of better judgement. 

Either way, the super PAC that supported her via ads in Super Tuesday states has announced that it will not support any of the DNC candidates on states voting on March 10. A sizable portion of Warren supporters could have supported Bernie in Super Tuesday, which could have easily pushed him to overthrow Biden in key states like Texas. Instead, Warren redirected a large portion of the progressive base away from the candidate who has the best shot at making it into the White House.

The lesson is that you cannot control the influences of dark money; buying into the interests of capital only serves capital itself.

Warren now has to make a choice that might determine the outcome of this election. Does she drop out and endorse Bernie, her only progressive ally in the race, to propel Bernie to the debate stage with Trump? Or, does she choose to keep the Biden campaign on life support by either staying in the race or by endorsing the establishment’s pick?

There’s no choice to be made if you believe in the change that America needs. Bernie is the only one who can crush Trump one on one. Biden, on the other hand, would be decimated.

Warren is reportedly “talking to her team to assess the path forward” according to a campaign aide.

She still has time to make the right choice.

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