Socialism For The Rich Strikes Again!

Another day passes that further proves the case that socialism is very much alive in America, but only if you meet the right criteria. If you work on Wall Street, you will be in luck because the U.S Government just approved yet another bailout, courtesy of the Coronavirus.

It started early as the markets began to take yet another nose dive. CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer began to meltdown calling for federal government intervention by saying:

“I want the federal government to know more than me. I knew more than they did in 2007, and I know more than they do now and it is disappointing.”

Moments later, when Cramer received a phone call live on air, then said, “I think that’s about to change.”

It didn’t take long for the announcement of $1.5 Trillion to be pumped into Wall Street.

That same money could be used for all sorts of things that help actual working people who carry the weight of Wall Street on their backs. The amount could have relieved students of loan debt, provided universal child care, or, just maybe, could have helped the homeless crisis. As per usual, it went straight to the people at the top. 

We have to remember that these are the same vultures who have pillaged the wealth of the country while only receiving a slap on the wrist for their mistakes and blunders.

The common person is too worried to call out sick from work from the virus because of lack of savings and, sometimes, health care. But, hey, it’s good to know that the priority will always be to save the crooks on Wall Street. Their comfort clearly supersedes the well-being of the average citizen.

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