Race Realist Realizes He’s Unhireable

It turns out that (most) employers don’t want to hire people who publicly defend white nationalism, are deeply misogynistic, and spread pseudoscience about supposed genetic superiority. 

How shocking.

Stefan Molyneux, an alt-right propagandist and borderline outright fascist, has finally realized that he’s literally unhirable by anyone with a shred of dignity. As he recently lamented, “What am I gonna go get a job back in the corporate world? One search and it would be functionally impossible.” 

Molyneux’s just resorting to cheap cash grabs now given that his revenue has been on the decline for the last few years. By painting himself as a victim, he’s weaponizing pity for a quick buck. He’s the sort of person who you could unironically hear say “Help, help, I’m an oppressed cis straight white man who just wants to ‘tell the truth!’”

This really isn’t a new marketing strategy among the alt-right, or even conservatives at large, but that doesn’t make it any less pathetic.

Corporate America Still Isn’t Off the Hook

For all of the flaws that corporate America has and given how actively it screws over the populous at large, at least it won’t hire someone with a hate-fueled ideology like Molyneux. Honestly, the corporate world only cares about the profit motive, so hiring someone that would blatantly get in the way of productivity via their world view is bad for business. Still, it’s a good sign that fascism isn’t publicly acceptable enough to be in Vogue and, thus, a qualifying characteristic on a resume. 

That doesn’t mean that the corporate world won’t turn anything into a revenue stream, including watered-down fascist ideology.

We’ve already seen how media outlets like FOX News are turning fascism into something that turns a profit. The network was literally spouting their anti-immigration propaganda just moments before abruptly reporting on the El Paso shooting motivated by white nationalism. Of course, FOX downplayed the bits about white nationalism and the contents of the manifesto left by the shooter as much as possible.

Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson are merely whitewashed versions of people like Stefan Molyneux.

The corporate world may not care about not tolerating intolerance, but at least they know that fringe elements of the Right aren’t openly welcome in the public discourse. However, when talking about unfiltered fascism becomes perfectly acceptable to commodify, that’s a sign that our society could have fallen too deep down the rabbit hole to climb back out of. Sometimes that potential reality doesn’t feel too far away.

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