Justin Amash Wants To Run For President and Democrats Are Freaking Out

"Justin Amash" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Former Republican and Tea Party darling Justin Amash (I-MI) has hinted in the past that he might mount a campaign against President Donald Trump (R). That may very well become a reality. He officially announced his forming of an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian nomination on Twitter.

Amash became a bit of a hero to Democrats in late 2019. That’s when he started to condemn the President’s actions and voted to impeach him. He did all of this despite his conservative voting record

It’s no secret that the Congressman favors corporations and hindering civil rights, yet he somehow found himself with cheers from Democrats. However, per usual, when any person could potentially jeopardize a Biden presidential victory, Amash was met with disdain from those same people who once praised him. Now, he’s a boogeyman that will siphon votes away from Biden.

It’s curious how someone like Justin Amash could potentially harm Biden come November. He’s a non-starter even on the base social issues that Democrats claim to hold dear, such as abortion, environment, and, yes, even the pesky Russian issues. 

The average leftist voter is less likely to vote for Amash. Meanwhile, a Never Trumper, including the likes of Bill Kristol or Max Boot, might be more enticed. The Biden campaign knows, and it seems even the former Vice President’s supporters know it deep down themselves how far right the Democrats have fallen.

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