Democrats Want YOU Vote to for THEIR Sexual Assaulter

Just a few months back we covered the liberal hypocrisy when it comes to “believing women” with Michael Bloomberg and his behavior towards female employees. It was enough to leave a bad taste in this writer’s mouth, especially when liberals began cheering him on despite those allegations. However, nothing could prepare us for the bombshell allegations towards Democratic front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The allegation was more than disgusting sexist comments and harassment. It was over an actual sexual assault by the hands of former Vice President. The Intercept told the story of Tara Reade, a former staffer to Biden, who had approached the #MeToo organization Time’s Up to help to fund her legal battle and tell her story. Time’s Up denied to help Tara citing a ‘conflict of interest’.

It’s bad enough when an organization dedicated to helping women facing sexual assault in the workplace turns its back on a victim for political reasons. Instead of taking Tara’s side, liberals at large chose to discredit her to protect their favorite candidate. Instead of living up the ideals of #MeToo when it matters, some of the movement’s champions are removing the hashtag from their bio.

Tara Reade, The Russian Asset

The first smears to come were directly from pro-Biden media and accounts, such as Bill Palmer, the man behind the notoriously wrong Palmer Report. Who tweeted:

“So a Putin-connected woman is accusing Biden of sexual assault, and the story is coming from a Kremlin-friendly publication, and there are people who actually take this garbage seriously? The Bernie fanatics who are knowingly promoting this obviously false story are pure evil.”

What is this supposed connection? Do we have pictures of Tara Reade sitting next to Putin at dinner like General Michael Flynn or Dr. Jill Stein? No, none of these ties exist.

The only evidence of a connection is a few tweets praising the Russian leader and a since-deleted article where she praised him. That doesn’t make Tara Reade a Putin associate, much less an agent of the Kremlin. Alas, there are a plethora of tweets saying otherwise.

A Smear Campaign Lead by Bernie Sanders

The other narrative is that Tara Reade is operating a smear campaign under the directive of Biden’s Democratic rival, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). You can see an array of Biden supporters looking for any connection to blame Sanders for Reade’s accusations, and honestly, they are mostly pretty sad.

“Why do I get the feeling that there is a connection to @BernieSanders not dropping out & his surrogates continuing pushing vile conspiracy theories about @JoeBiden?

They are clearly throwing everything at the wall in hopes something sticks. Problem is, voters aren’t that stupid.”

The thing is that Tara is only supporting Bernie Sanders now, and only after her preferred candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), dropped out. That supposed smoke leading to fire is nothing more than a woman refusing to support her attacker, which is completely reasonable.

The Democratic Hypocrisy

We still shouldn’t forget that when the #MeToo movement began to pick up steam, it was picked up by those who resist Trump. The same group that proudly tweeted they believed women. The same group that gathers yearly to put on their pussy hats with signs supporting women.

Strangely, people who claim to support women would degrade themselves by stooping to the same tactics used by the right or are completely silent on their supposed number one issue.

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