Bernie Wins and Proves He Has The Broadest Coalition

When it came to Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), the narrative had been set in 2016 that his candidacy only attracted one demographic: the younger white male. This framed narrative dragged onto into 2020, and, considering the first to early states are predominantly caucasian, it did little to change that story.


This story has been touted on most media outlets since Bernie announced he was running for President, even in spite of polls indicating a very diverse coalition of supporters. According to a Morning Consult tracking poll from early last year, Sanders was the preferred candidate among Hispanics. But, it was never enough to stop the pundits from pointing out Bernie’s diversity problem.


That narrative has crumbled. 


Now that Bernie has sealed another win in Nevada, that disproves the narrative that the angry white male is Bernie’s only support. Nevada is quite a different state from Iowa and New Hampshire. The Silver State is made of 29% Hispanic, compared to Iowa’s 6%, according to Census statistics. 


It’s not just Hispanics that are in Nevada, either. Nevada has more African-Americans and Asian-Americans than the other two states that came before.


The mythical Bernie Bro is no longer just an angry disaffected young white male. It’s a diverse group of people who all want systemic change in America. It’s time to put the tired story of Bernie’s “diversity problem” to bed. 


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