America Now Leads The World In COVID-19 Cases

The United States of America is supposed to be the greatest country on earth, yet it lags behind other developed nations in so many ways. According to the United Nations Human Development indexes, we are ranked:

  • 5th in education
  • 15th in inequality
  • 15th in women’s empowerment

That’s not to mention that American has slid in the democracy index where we now reside in 25th, which solidly categorizes us as a “flawed democracy.”

However, we shouldn’t fret too much about such petty measurements because, now, we are back on top! 

According to, America now leads the world in COVID-19 cases by a huge margin. Even Italy, which is experiencing mass destabilization, is in a distant second place and can’t catch up to our insurmountable lead. We should be proud to be atop the leaderboards.

This “feat” comes at a time where the wealthy are cracking their knuckles in preparation to force workers to start being productive again. President Trump was chomping at the bit to get the country open for business by Easter. Thankfully, our great nation is graciously spared a few more weeks as our president extends his social-distancing guidelines until the end of April.

Sadly, the real nightmare has yet to unfold before us. We haven’t even begun to see how many lives this pandemic will cost as citizens seek medical help in their panic. We haven’t seen the late game of this criss, but if New York City is any glimpse of things to come, then our country could be pushed to the brink. 

A simple $1200 check with a pat on the back is not going to solve this.

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