America Is Burning

Minneapolis was just the start. Days of protests came from George Floyd’s horrific death. Corporate businesses burned and so did Minneapolis’ 3rd precinct police department. 

Black Lives Matter and other protesters demonstrated in solidarity across the country. Los Angeles stood toe to toe and stared down the LAPD while police choppers contributed to their show of institutional force.

People began standing up for more than just Floyd. Kentucky marched for Breonna Taylor before police fired live bullets into the crowd. Several were wounded and at least one is in critical condition.

Donald Trump brought out the old “thug” dog whistle trying to turn the privileged masses against those who, even if by proxy, look out for their interests. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” he says. One bit of advice to the oligarchs who don’t understand their place — be careful what you wish for.

America is burning. It’s at a tipping point. Is this when we finally seize the momentum and make our message heard?

This is the rage of generations made manifest. This is decades and centuries of oppression. This is drawing a line in the sand and standing up for our humanity.

This is one path towards building a better America. Part of it starts with tearing out the rot, but we have to rebuild. Part of it involves purifying flames, but we can’t let our destruction suffocate us.

Show your anger. Let it be heard. Then, come back together and forge a new, peaceful path forward.

America is burning; let’s not burn with it.

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