Corporate greed is unchecked. Mankind’s impact on the planet is devastating. People are suffering needlessly. Individuals are barely in control of their own lives.


The US economy was never designed to work for the average citizen.


Still, there is some hope.


The Republican party is falling apart at the seams. People are noticing the cracks in the Democratic party’s armor. Capitalism is on its deathbed. The internet has ushered in an age of unprecedented levels of communication and human connection. 


However, those trends alone aren’t enough to save us. With a wealth of information comes a wealth of false narratives. While a revolution to implement something better seems inevitable, the counter-revolution could turn us right back around towards the status quo that’s killing the world and its people.


We need to clearly identify the enemy in order to fight it. We need to treat the enemy with the respect it deserves. We need to put the enemy in its place in order to bring about a better society that works for everyone instead of a select few.


What is the enemy? Unjustified hierarchies and those who actively prop them up.


It’s time to knock these people down a peg or two. It’s time to make our economy work for the common person. It’s time for a shakedown of the imperialist capitalist hierarchy that oppresses us all.


It’s time for an American Shakedown.



American Shakedown is a worker-owned project that uncovers attitudes and philosophies that are rotting our country from the inside out. We’re here to expose corporate shills and counter-revolutionaries for the frauds they are.


While we may inadvertently attack individuals identifying as the staunchest conservative or as an average liberal, our intention is not to alienate those who have fallen for neoliberal propaganda. The American corporate propaganda machine is extremely successful at manufacturing consent, so we can forgive the average Joe who has been led to think that they’re the root cause of the problems we all face. 


Who we cannot forgive are the ones who actively, mindfully, and intentionally mislead our nation, and our world, down a path of assured self-destruction. In the name of imperialism and tyranny, these people will be the end of us all.


It is only through the unification among the average populous and the development of a class consciousness can we thwart the reign of neoliberalism and build a society that works for the common person. 


We’re here to help facilitate that unification.