Joe Biden Places Fourth After Giving Sound Advice

Now that the dust is settling with Iowa reporting 97% with Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg switching between first and second for the victory, but one thing remains consistent. It is that Joe Biden, a former vice president, who was once declared the front runner by mainstream media, is now in fourth. 

Biden’s campaign has to be disappointed with the numbers they are seeing. The media has been wondering, too. What went wrong? How did a behemoth with the backing of the party and the elite donors manage to fall so hard on his face? 

It’s pretty simple.

While traveling through Iowa, Biden buckled on video when confronted with hard questions from Iowans like this exchange, when asked about his climate policies. Joe responded, “go vote for somebody else.”

This is not a one-time incident, either. In yet another video shared on twitter when confronted about hiring Climate Policy Advisor who experience was working in Natural Gas, Joe responded: 

“If you looked at my record and you still doubt about my commitment, then you should vote for somebody else.”

It’s not just people with concerns about climate change that Joe is blowing off, but immigration activists, too. A member of Movimiento Cosecha, a nonviolent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, also confronted Biden.

“You should vote for Trump,” Biden responded.

Now, Joe marches into New Hampshire in fourth place, and it looks like voters are taking him up on his advice. It is probably the best advice a relic from the past could give. They should vote for someone else. 

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